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    Situational Comprehension

    Observe and avoid danger such as Active Shooters, Rape,  Murder, Assaults, and Terrorism  before it finds you.

    Rape,  Murder, Assaults, Terrorism, Active Shooters.  Observe and avoid danger before it finds you. 

    How will you react to a life threatening situation?  How  will your family react?  How can you avoid it in the first place?  Do you have a plan?  What are your options?

    Do you understand the laws governing self defense?

    Have you and your family discussed any basic, easily learned and practiced defensive tactics?

    Have you thought about would you should do in an active shooter situation?  Have you discussed it with your family?  Do you have a plan for your place of employment?

    Our SITUATIONAL COMPREHENSION program will aid you in developing strategies for yourself, your family and your place of employment.

    Empower yourself with knowledge and be safer in a potentially dangerous world.

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