Monday-Saturday: 10am - 9pm | Sunday: 10am - 6pm | (412) 357-8000   925 Sheraton Drive Mars, PA 16046
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    Premium Pittsburgh Shooting Range in Keystone

    For the best in shooting ranges in the Pittsburgh Area.

    Our shooting bays all are climate controlled and have a state of the art HVAC system.  A temperature controlled laminar curtain of air keeps the shooter comfortable and clean pushing any smoke or powder residue downrange.  The air is then filtered through a HEPA filtering system (clean room system) ensuring the best shooting environment possible.

    The Keystone Advantage

    • Pistol AND rifle friendly including AR15s.  Most ammo allowed including 50 caliber BMG.
    • Competitive ammo prices but feel free to bring your own. 
    • Range reservations in advance so no unnecessary waiting.
    • Sound mitigation using  2"  PEPP (porous expanded polypropylene).
    • TCT total ballistic steel containment trap eliminating fire and safety hazard from utilizing a rubber berm.
    • Ensuring clean air and clean air only for the shooter by using a HEPA (clean room level) filtration system with a nominal laminar air flow of 60-75 feet per minute "turning over the air in each bay in about a minute.
    • Personal stall dividers utilizing 2" bullet proof  glass and 1/2" ballistic steel divider panels.
    • Tactical bay" including AWD target retrievers with strobe lights.*
    • AWD targets with full range of motion including spinning, random edging and teasing.*

    *The tactical bay is for premium members and tactical classes only.



    Pay for each visit or become a member and save big!

    • $25 per hour
    • Pay as you Go
    • $15 for 2nd Shooter same lane
    • Ear Protection Rental: $3
    • Eye Protection Purchase: $2
    • $12.50 standard handgun rental
    • $20 premium handgun rental
    • $45 FFL transfers
    Standard Membership
    best deal
    • 39.99/month*
    • No contract
    • Cancel anytime
    • $10 for 2nd shooter same lane
    • $8.50 standard handgun rental
    • $13.50 premium handgun rental
    • Priority Range Access
    • Free Lane Reservations in One Hour Reservation Increments
    • $25 FFL transfers

    If you shoot twice a month with a friend your total costs are $80 for the range alone if you aren't a member and $59.99 as a member.
    *Does not include a $69.99 one time registration fee.
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